Week2 – Students: Basic Course Requirements

Student Time Commitment

The time commitment is about 15+ hours a week at minimum, but could be far greater if the student is highly motivated, does not possess the background for a particular unit (or units) or just wants to really throw themselves into the program.

Required Documentation

Students are required to document their work each week for the unit covered and homework will be reviewed during each weekly class cycle. Your instructor will review your documentation in detail every week to make sure you are not falling behind.

Your documentation must show completion of the unit and core skill competencies.

At minimum, we expects a student’s documentation to include:

  • A text description of their project for the week
  • designing and fabricating the work
  • Supporting photographs (video is great, but not required).
  • All final fabrication files in their original, editable formats
  • All code in an editable format, testable format
  • What the student learned: what succeeded and what failed.

It is recommended that students choose a licence for their work prior to the start of publicly posting their files. ie: Creative Commons

Sharing Digital Files and Code

You must share all of your digital design files and code (where applicable).