This course is designed to provide an introduction to a comprehensive look at design and fast prototyping in a fab lab environment. Using advanced technology, tools and machining, combined with ancestral traditional indigenous knowledge and culture from local communities involved, students will learn how to overcome design issues and challenges in the process of making.

The material is divided into two components, a theorical one meant to give an overview of current tools, techniques and key concepts and a more practical lab section, where participants will have a chance to apply industry tools and concepts to generate solutions.

This course has been inspired by experiences learned as a Fab Academy student at Woma/échoFab (Paris-Montréal) in 2016 and Instructor at échoFab in 2017 and lab assistant and instructor at Carleton University, School of Industrial Design (2016-2018). Many credits goes to the Fab Foundation and the Fab Academy communities to have made and continue to make the knowledge available to all. The role of Fab Academy is to initiate, mentor and technically train new students for participation and leadership in the global Fab Lab Network community. It’s how they train teachers and Fab managers. It’s also a great way to gain exposure to a wide variety of digital fabrication, electronics, molding and casting and composites practices and build skills in a short amount of time. While this course sources its knowledge from the Fab Academy, it is not the Fab Academy and should not be considered as such.

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