About me

I am a designer and a consultant. I have been part of projects in the design of consumers experiences, processes, physical spaces and interfaces. My main focus is in investigating community-led design methods and their usage and possibilities with users across disciplines. I like helping local and state government, developers, and communities transform places into a creative collaborative space. My interests are in co-design and co-fabrication, the maker culture and digital fabrication as research subjects and how their development can contribute to a more sustainable, more inclusive and agile society. With cities and communities facing significant environmental, social and cultural challenges today, I believe that design innovation and putting creative tools to use may help shape new pathways for a better future.

Co-creation is a process I love and practice. In addition to the human centered and interactional aspects of co-creation, I am also interested by almost anything that can be made collectively or that can be rapidly prototyped in a Fab Lab, Makerspace (or any collaborative spaces), from interactive art installations to IoT and wearables.

When not consulting, I appreciate meditation retreats and fly fishing in the silent forest.

Life has been great to me and this is a place to share my findings with you. You are welcomed to share your thoughts and ideas, projects and dream that we might possibly collaborate together!